The 9 registered teams are divided into three, 3-teams groups (GROUP A,B,C) in the Preliminary Round, where each team is playing two games in a group. Then in Final round another three groups (winners of groups, A1,B1,C1 and 2nd in groups A2,B2,C2 and 3rd in groups A3,B3,C3) are created and two final games for a final statement for each team are played in a group.


For a team to play a game it must be able to put on the ice at least five skaters and one goaltender at the beginning of the game.


  • Preliminary Round: A regulation time consists of three straight-time periods of 15 minutes.
  • Final Round: A regulation time consists of three straight-time periods of 15 minutes except of group of winners (A1,B1,C1) there are three straight-time periods of 20 minutes
  • Time stopping in the last minute of the game (not applicable if one team is ahead by 2 or more goals). There will be a 5 minute warm-up at the start of each game, and 3 minutes rest between periods. No overtimes or timeouts.
  • Games in Preliminary and Final Round can finish in a tie (no penalty-shot shootout).


  • In case of two or more teams end up with the same number of points, the tie-breaking formula will determine the standings:
  • Step 1: Head-to-head results.
  • Step 2: Total score differential (Goals For : Goals Against).
  • Step 3: The highest number of goals scored.
  • Step 4: The least number of goals against.
  • Step 5: The least penalty minutes.
  • Step 6: Coin toss.


For all games in Preliminary and Final Round, points shall be awarded as follows: 3 points for the winning team at the conclusion of regulation time 1 point for both teams at the conclusion of regulation time if the game is tied 0 points for the team losing the game in regulation time


  • No center-red line: Passes from the defending zone to any player in neutral zone are allowed.
  • No Slap shots: Stick raised above the knee on the back swing when shooting or passing the puck will result in a face-off in the offending teams´ defensive zone face-off spot.
  • No body-checking: Body checking will result in a minor or major penalty at the referee´s discretion.
  • High stick: It may be called for carrying the stick above the normal height of the waist. In all cases, use of the stick on the opponents´ body above the waist should be watched carefully and penalized accordingly.
  • Icing: According to the IIHF rules (red line). Defensive line changes will be permitted on icing calls.


Skaters’ equipment consists of sticks, skates, protective equipment, and uniforms. All protective equipment, except gloves, helmets, and skates must be worn entirely underneath the uniform. Equipment must conform to safety standards and be used only to protect skaters, not to enhance or improve playing ability or to cause injury to an opponent. Full equipment, including helmets, must be worn during the game and pre-game warm-up. Only face masks are optional. Inline trousers for roller hockey are not allowed.


  • Minor penalty = 2 straight-time minutes. Three minor penalties of the same player in one game will be a game ejection. Player is eligible to play in the next game.
  • Major penalty = 5 straight-time minutes. Referee´s decision if the player is ejected from the game.

NO FIGHTING!!! Fighting will result in a major penalty and may result in a tournament disqualification.

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