Time of match
2x20 min. (in basic groups A and B) or 3x20 min. (basic group C and play-off games) without time stopping.
Time stopping in the last minute of the game (not applicable if one team is ahead by 3 or more goals).
There will be 5 minute warm up at the start of each game, and 2 minutes rest between periods.
One time-out per team per game allowed, not to exceed 30 sec.
No overtimes - penalty shots will apply in case of a tie game (3-3, then 1-1 till decision).

Win  – 3 points for the winning team
Tie   – 1 point per each team,
         1 extra point for the winning team in the penalty shots
Loss – 0 points

No center red line
Passes from the defending zone to any player in neutral zone are allowed.

No Slap shots
Stick raised above the knee on the back swing when shooting or passing the puck will result in a face-off in the offending teams’ defensive zone face-off spot.

No body checking
Body checking will result in a minor or major penalty at the referee’s discretion.

Full ice hockey equipment is mandatory only face masks are optional. Inline trousers for roller hockey are not allowed.

Absolutely no fighting will be tolerated! Fighting will result into minor or major penalty – referee´s decision. A major penalty caused by fighting will be tournament disqualification.

Time of the penalty is starting to run at the face-off succeding the penalty.

We are ATCO’s, pilots, adults and professionals and therefore we must never forget that in the first place we are colleagues and only after that we are hockey players in opposing teams. So do not get too emotional and serious while playing hockey.

Here are a few things from the rules which are “nice to know”
  • High stick: it may be called for carrying the stick above the normal height of the waist.
  • Use of stick: in all cases, use of the stick on the opponents’ body above the waist should be watched carefully and penalized accordingly.
  • Icing: the defending teams blue line will be used for the determination of the icing.